Asset Discovery & Recovery!

Medrick Enterprises is actively engaged in the business of Asset Discovery and Recovery. The firm’s resources are utilized to locate and match legal property owner(s) to their dormant and Unclaimed Property items. We then provide a contracted service as a professional Heir Finder to represent and assist the rediscovered legal owner in the asset recovery process.

Such an endeavor can be a total surprise to entities or individuals found to be the asset’s qualified and legal owner. Typically, discovered assets have previously been orphaned by individuals and companies and may include: forgotten bank accounts, vendor refunds, expired paychecks, cashier’s checks, dividends and underlying shares of stock, registered bonds and interest payments, insurance proceeds, mineral royalties and abandoned safe deposit box contents.

Often the inherent value of these unrealized assets is quite significant. Finding, matching and reuniting legitimate owners with their rightful assets is our way of helping our clients!

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