If you have an outdated sales and marketing program that needs a shot in the arm, we can help.  We will analyze your existing methodology and make appropriate suggestions on how it can be revitalized utilizing applicable tools of technology. If you need help in implementation we can do that also.

We would like very much to visit with you and see how we can be of service. Most likely, we can offer an affordable solution that is within your budget constraints. Because we are not a big bureaucratic organization, we can cut to the chase and resolve your problems in a timely manner.

Please take a moment and jot down your project requirements along with any other pertinent information you think we might need. We’ll take a look at it and promptly let you know if we can be of help. And of course, you are under no obligation.

    Medrick Enterprises
    6301 E El Paso Pl
    Broken Arrow, OK 74014
    Tel: (918) 357-3947
    eFax: (630) 839-7910

If you prefer, the following online email form is provided for your convenience.

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